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Welcome to our new Your Stories clip archive! At five years old, the Your Stories podcast has heard hundreds of individual stories. We at The Nerdologues are now cataloging them here on the site for easier browsing. The archive is still incomplete and in progress.

"If I ever find happiness with someone I will become a boring shell of a human being."
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Storytellers Bill Kenkel

Bill, a founding member of The Nerdologues, says it is all about sex.

"Never again will I abide a nerd to be shamed by his nature. Never again! Never again!"
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Storytellers Bill Kenkel and Steve Persch

Bill and Steve mix up the storytelling with a sketch.

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Storytellers Kevin Reader, Chris Geiger, Caitlin Costello, Bill Kenkel, Alex Talavera, Matt Kawa, Aaron Pinkston and John Thibodeaux