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The first single off the Nerdologues' album, releasing March 9 on this website!

In this darkly comedic musical, the true life of Danny Tanner and is family is exposed; promises will be broken, sinister paths explored, lives may be lost, and yes, songs will be sung. Whether you’re a member of the Full House fan club or scoff in a superior fashion when you hear someone utter “Cut It Out”; you will find both a touch of nostalgia and an illuminating light shining brightly on the Tanners’ most clandestine realities. Come see the Tanners as you’ve never seen them before. Attend the Tale.

Wasn't 2014 just lovely?

Wasn't it?

A brand new Assassin's Creed franchise! It has everything you could possibly want!

Big thanks to our pal Mark Colomb for filming and editing this stupid thing. See more of his stuff (and listen to his fantastic podcast, An Hour With Your Ex) at!

Hey guys watch out for the screamers they will pop up out of no where in this classic spooky scary vid!

Eric Garneau
Joe Gennaro
Katie Johnston-Smith
Michael Jando
Kevin Reader
Mary Beth Smith
Claire Friedman
Chris Geiger

Directed by:
Claire Friedman and Katie Johnston-Smith

Edited by:
Mary Beth Smith 

Written by: 
The Nerdologues


Hugs over hacks. #gamerhugs

Chris gives the other Nerds a fun riddle to answer...with some wacky results!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

A writer asks for help with a headline about millennials and gets more than he bargained for.

The Nerdologues will travel across Chicago to destroy the greatest evil the city has ever known. With nothing but their lackluster skills and hearts to guide them, the Nerds will venture to stop the evil Wrigley Wraiths as they try to reach the "dragon".
Wrigleyville creeps ever further south as the wraiths attempt to reunite with the one being that will return the Cubs to their former glory, and the city to its former evil.

Hey Jennifer Lawrence. Mike Jando from the Nerdologues here. Looks like you need a date to the Chicago premiere of X-Men. If that's a thing. I mean if it's not a thing we can just hang out and. I dunno. If you're going to be in the Chi town (that's what we call it here) then give me a ring on the ol' twitter, @mikejando. We can split some of that beer I found at the end of the video. 


Jack and Morgan are Friends. 
Jack and Morgan believe in the friendzone. 
Morgan has a lot of male friends.

Hi, I'm over here. Professor...scuse me...professor? 

The vast majority of Hogwarts students were not off having disruptive adventures.

What would YOU do if you won two hundred million dollars? It's purely a hypothetical question, of course, as it's highly unlikely you'd ever actually have such a vast amount of money in your possession. I mean, the odds are likelier that you'd become President of the United States than win the lottery. So... forget it. Sorry I even brought it up.

Our friend Mary Zee came over to talk about her actual, real book of songs based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mary Beth and Claire also had super great original songs that Mary enjoyed SO MUCH.

Listen to the Your Stories performance that brought Getting the Wiggins out into our world.


Hey! We're the Nerdologues. We spent a long time on this. 

Here's a taste of our live show that we did with the creators of Cards Against Humanity. A 2nd live show will happen on Saturday, February 15th at iO at midnight. 

Filmed/edited by Pat Lothian

Here's a taste of our live show that we did with the creators of Cards Against Humanity. A 2nd live show will happen on Saturday, February 15th at iO at midnight.

Filmed/edited by Pat Lothian