Guitar Hero and Rock Band with Eric Garneau!

From the podcast

Do you know Eric Garneau? He edits this podcast every week and also does these stupid write-ups. Well this week, you're gonna hear his voice too, as he joins Tim, Clayton, and Kellen to talk about the rise and fall of the rock music genre of video games, specifically Guitar Hero and Rock Band. How did Rock Band almost lead to Eric playing Lollapalooza? What did Clayton's home rock star setup look like? Why does Tim hate Twin Peaks so much? Both of these questions plus probably a couple more will be answered!

Thanks so much to our sponsors for this week's episode, the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City, and thanks of course to the Chicago Podcast Coop for existing!

You can find the Nerdologues' new podcast Blank Cassette, hosted by Eric, here!