Letters from Friends Who Don't Play Games!

From the podcast

Kellen's otherwise occupied this week, so CLASSIC Talking Games hosts Tim and Clayton take a small detour with this episode to introduce a new segment: Letters from Friends Who Don't Play Games! Lest you think this is a gimmick (which, maybe...?), they'll field some truly thoughtful questions about what constitutes a "gamer" and what makes games replayable (or makes you not want to revisit them again). 

Thanks to our sponsors for the episode, Field Notes, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop for being awesome!

If you have a question for Tim or Clayton, you can bother them on Twitter.

Also, here's that Nerdologues event Tim plugged at the end of the episode. It's not just a playtest of our new game but a launch party for the Kickstarter campaign of that game! We'd love it if you could come!