Annual 6, Part 1

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From the podcast

Well, we're entering year seven of our podcast. That's really something, isn't it? Seems like a great way to start the year is to bring back a bunch of favorites from the last one with some all new pieces. This was recorded on the main stage at the Beat Kitchen as part of our year six end celebrations, and what a show it was. We've also got a full house band playing some of our favorite songs of 2017! Enjoy!

  • Cover Stories + Jeff Lareau: Highway Queen
  • Cover Stories + Jeff Lareau: Shine on Me
  • Ashley Keenan: Gospel Album Fundraiser
  • Chels Harvey: First Love
  • Savannah Million: 10 Steps for Planning a Solo Trip Abroad for the Holidays
  • Logan Dean: Elegy for Munch's Make-Believe Band
  • Cover Stories + Jeff Lareau: Victory Lap

Huge thanks to the Chicago Podcast Coop and Overcast for sponsoring our show this week!

Come back next week for part two plus info about our upcoming live shows!