Be Radical, Part 2

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In case you missed last week's episode, it's imperative you know that we love the Chicago Design Museum. Love 'em. This recording marks our fourth collaboration with them, to celebrate the opening of their latest exhibit, featuring radical Modernist artist Dan Friedman. And what you get out of it is a bunch of radical Chicagoans sharing their talents and stories. This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Million Reasons
  • Cover Stories: Under Pressure
  • Connie & Katie: Invasive Species
  • Savannah Million: Awkward Robots, Awkward Humans
  • Sam Rosen: Funding from Dee
  • Roman Titus: Tripping to Perfection
  • Joey Stevenson: The Birth of Playboy
  • Cover Stories: All These Things That I've Done

Huge thanks to Field Notes and the Chicago Podcast Coop for sponsoring our show!

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