Catch Me If You Can, Part 2

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From the podcast

International Tom Hanks Day is this Saturday, and we loved teaming up with them for the second year in a row, giving us a set of stories and songs that need to be caught! This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Runaway(s)
  • Cover Stories: Chasing the Wild Goose
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Cross-Country
  • Mike Joosse: Wings / Pan Am
  • Chels Harvey: The Roach Dance
  • Kevin Turk: Lifeline
  • Cover Stories: The Voyager

Thanks to our sponsor for this week's episode, Cards Against Humanity, and thanks of course to the Chicago Podcast Coop!

Also, thanks to the Logan Theatre for letting us record in their lovely lounge!

Don't miss International Tom Hanks Day this Saturday, and also, if you like Bruce Springsteen, Eric's bringing back his one-man Springsteen tribute (with friends this time!) for an ACLU fundraiser this Wednesday!