Dog Days of Summer, Part 2

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From the podcast

Again I want to give a shout out to Sit Stay Read, a truly fantastic Chicago organization that co-sponsored the night of storytelling you're about to hear and does amazing work. If you're feeling generous, please head over to their website and consider supporting their work. 

And also, enjoy all the wonderful stories and songs that came out of their evening hanging with the Nerdologues! This week, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Hound Dog
  • Kendra Stevens: Marathon
  • Kathleen Kirk: Orange You Glad
  • Adjani Moulton: Little Moments with Uncle Robert
  • Eric Garneau: Dog Vacation
  • Kate McIlvain: The Best Person I Ever Met
  • Cover Stories: Sometimes I Don't Mind

And hey, our next Your Stories show is this Sunday at the Beat Kitchen! We're celebrating the silver screen with a show themed "At the Movies."