Grit, Part 1

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From the podcast

Puck & Grind 2016. Go to this thing. It's awesome. You'll learn all about the great work the people behind Puck & Grind do in this episode, plus hear some fantastic stories and songs! This week, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Float On
  • Fin Coe: Tartans Hockey Hangover
  • Ali Hodson: My Dad
  • Cody Melcher: Ice Cream
  • Frank Nova: A History of Hockey Injuries
  • Cover Stories: Brave

Cody visited the show on behalf of the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. Check it out, friends!

Frank runs the Hockee Night podcast! If hockey (or Hockee) is your thing, check it out!

Thanks so much to our sponsors for this week, Jackbox Games, and thanks as always to the Chicago Podcast Coop for facilitating that sponsorship!