I Thought I Knew, Part 2

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After last week's spectacular batch of stories and songs, we're back with more this time courtesy of amazing Chicago storyteller Scott Whitehair, who chose the theme and co-curated the evening. Thank you, Scott! This time, please enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Message in a Bottle
  • Cover Stories: Loser
  • Kevin Clifford: Scare
  • Archie Jamjun: The Price of Beauty
  • Nate Bechtel: Resume for Trump's America
  • Becca Brown: Remind Me of Me / Sunday Morning
  • Scott Whitehair: The Sound of Music
  • Cover Stories: Livin' on a Prayer

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsors for this episode: Cards Against Humanity (via the Chicago Podcast Coop) and Game Box Monthly!

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