Living Spell

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"A wizard will make your life a living spell." So goes one of the greatest songs ever written (I think). On this week's episode, we're hanging out on the big boy stage at the Beat Kitchen with a full rock band (including backing from Dwight's band Gray Ghost) and a stable full of incredibly talented people who, for the most part, helped created The Street Wizard's Apprentice, a really excellent and now award-winning webseries production from Muscular Clown. Enjoy our pod and go watch their show! It's short and awesome. 

This week, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories w/ Gray Ghost: Magic Carpet Ride
  • Cover Stories w/ Gray Ghost: Santeria
  • Kyle Talley: Spelling Bee
  • Drew Krehel: Friendship is Magic: the Gathering
  • Ben Rathert: Serendipitous Upkeep / If It Takes a Lifetime
  • Matt Kidd: Pulling Back the Spell
  • Andrew Bentley: Two Virginias
  • Cover Stories w/ Gray Ghost: Shot at the Night
  • Cover Stories w/ Gray Ghost: SWA theme

Our next live Your Stories is super soon and we're getting creepy, as is seasonally appropriate! Come by the Beat Kitchen on 10-15 and if you wanna share something spooky, we have a few slots left, so email with a pitch and we'll get back to you ASAP!