Multiplayer, Part 1

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The tour is over! We're back to Chicago shows and we've got quite an archive to get through. We're going to start with this pair of episodes recorded in June in which we partnered up with Bit Bash, Chicago's best indie gaming event. FYI, Bit Bash tickets are on sale now and you better get 'em. It's gonna be a blast!

Also worth noting, most of our Chicago shows will now feature a local charitable organization the Nerds and our guests like a lot, like, this time out, Chicago Loot Drop. We collect money for the org at our live show, but if you'd like to donate a little extra at home, check out their website; they'd be thrilled with any help you can give!

This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Islands in the Stream
  • Adam Levin: Quitting (The Service Industry)
  • Brice Puls: Finding Your Other Players
  • Nathan Bartley: Shared Narratives
  • Mike Chuck Bretzlaff: Endless Private Grinding
  • Cover Stories: Don't Go Breaking My Heart