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If you listen to Your Stories frequently, you might have noticed we're partnering with a lot of really cool Chicago institutions this year. This week's episode is no exception, as we partnered with Breather and Common Threads for a really fantastic night. I talk about what both these groups do in the recording, but definitely check out their websites if you get a chance -- Breather provides a great product, and Common Threads does a tremendous service to communities all over the place. They also, it turns out, know some fascinating and funny people -- and so do we! This episode, enjoy:

  • Cover Stories: Go Your Own Way
  • Cover Stories: I Try
  • Eric Garneau: Three Flashes
  • Kyle Talley: Downsized
  • Toby Ciottone: The Most Famous Person in the World
  • Larissa Zageris: Lisa Frank Love
  • Katie Johnston-Smith: Ride or Die
  • Logan Dean: Top Scenes About Breathing
  • Kelsey McClure: Party Party
  • Becca Brown: Tinder John
  • Cover Stories: End of the Road

Thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Iron Galaxy Games, as set up through the fantastic Chicago Podcast Coop. We love you!

We've got two Your Stories coming up this week: June 15 at Dimo's Wicker Park with the US Pizza Museum, and June 19 at the Some Office Theater with Postloudness. Check 'em out! We'll also be at the Denver Comic-Con all weekend selling our game, running a panel, and doing a show at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse!