Take a Hike, Part 2

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From the podcast

Even though we recorded this episode back in April, now seems like just as good a time to talk about getting outside and taking a hike. Enjoy these stories and songs inspired by our partnership with Deja Vuey, a local folk act that writes tunes about the national parks!

  • Cover Stories: Walking in Memphis
  • Deja Vuey: Valley of Death
  • Deja Vuey w/ Cover Stories: Petrify my Heart
  • Nate Bechtel: Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Tori Szekeres: Baraboo River Trip
  • Molly McGown: Molly Sees a Caldera
  • Erica Dreisbach: Wheeler Mountain
  • Cover Stories w/ Deja Vuey: This Land Is Your Land
  • Cover Stories w/ Deja Vuey: Rainbow Connection

Definitely don't miss our next live Your Stories, on September 17, featuring Dwight's new band The Gray Ghost plus our friends from Muscular Clown Productions screening their awesome webseries The Street Wizard's Apprentice!