Tour Stories: Gateway, Part 1 (from San Francisco)

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San Francisco's one of my favorite cities, and it produced a really cool, special couple episodes of this show, even if there is a little bit of crowd noise in the background (hey, when you book a tour 2-3 weeks out, it happens). I think I drove out of San Francisco feeling the best. You'll hear part of the reason why next week, but part of it is here RIGHT NOW for you to enjoy! This episode, you get:

  • Eric: White Room
  • Eric: Fake Headlines
  • Allison Page: The Front of Ricky's Truck
  • Debi Mongan: Brand New U-Haul
  • Eric Garneau: My G-Rated Las Vegas Tinder Date
  • Eric: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

FUN FACT: The Nerdologues' seventh anniversary party is coming up this Saturday! We've got a brand-new sketch show cooked up, plus lots of quality hangout time. If you want to go, get in touch with us over on our Facebook page!