Tour Stories: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Part 2 (from Los Angeles)

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The Your Stories tour has officially wrapped up, and you're going to be hearing the fruits of it for the next couple months. Being out on the road for two weeks collecting stories was an absolute blast; hopefully you get as much out of listening to them as we did making them. This episode, from our Los Angeles stop at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics, continues our celebration of the launch of Let's Get It On, the latest Nerdologues podcast, written and produced by the wonderful Mr. Gary Lucy. To celebrate, we've got stories and songs from some of the super-cool contributors to the show, plus the smooth jamz flow like fine wine. This episode, enjoy:

  • Eric: I'll Make Love to You
  • Auggie Smith: AM Radio Crazy
  • Elizabeth Beckwith: Changing Tastes
  • Gary Anthony Williams: Weekends in Atlanta
  • Eric with Eric Schinzer: Truly Madly Deeply

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And don't forget to check out Let's Get It On. We love it!