Tour Stories: Sleepless, Part 1 (from Seattle)

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From the podcast

Seattle has long been a favorite city of the Nerdologues, and this tour stop shows why. We had a full, lovely house for this show, and a bunch of our great friends in the Pacific Northwest came out to share their pieces inspired by the theme "Sleepless" (get it?!) with us. Just like in San Francisco, there's a little bit of crowd noise here (we were sharing a coffee house with students studying for finals), but man, this was probably the best show of the tour. Hope you enjoy!

  • Eric: Wild Nights
  • Eric Garneau: Live 8
  • Joe Kim: "Let's Kill Chucky"
  • Tifa Robles: A Poem / A Lullaby
  • Tara Theoharis: Interdimensional Ghost Monster in the Closet
  • Eric: Dance the Night Away

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